We could not be what we are today without our volunteers and friends ...

Thank you from all the animals whose lives were saved thanks to your dedication!!!

  1. Read the Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  2. Read, print, and sign the Acknowledgement of Confidentiality form (PDF)
  3. Read, print, and sign the LCR Participant Agreement, Release & Acknowledgement of Risk form (PDF)
  4. Submit a Volunteer Application (Online)
  5. Attend a Volunteer Orientation (and bring required signed forms with you)

We have volunteer opportunities for everyone and invite you to come visit with us on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m. for Volunteer Orientation (orientation is required prior to starting as a volunteer) and a complete a tour of the facility and our residents. Orientation starts in front of the horse barn. No appointment needed to attend an Orientation/Tour and they are held rain or shine (so dress appropriately)! Get involved or just come out for the tour and see what we are all about! If you are unable to make the first Saturday of any given month, please contact us. Orientations take about an hour or so. You will be given a tour of the facility and ideas of the volunteer opportunities available.

Last Chance Ranch is a fun place to volunteer, here is what you can expect!

  • Making new friends, human and furry!
  • Learning about many different types of animals and their needs.
  • Volunteer Picnics, Potlucks & Parties
  • Helping with fundraisers, hanging flyers, selling tickets, helping with offsite events.
  • Recruiting new volunteers to join our awesome team!
  • Spreading the word, we love when your family and friends adopt!

On Premise Volunteering

On Premise Volunteering

We always need volunteers on the Ranch! Volunteers fulfill a number of on premise positions that include animal care, office duties and more! See all opportunities below.

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Barn Duties

  • Daily Horse Care-Feeding/Chores
  • Barnyard Animal Care
  • Riding/Exercising Horses
  • Grooming/Project Horses
  • Pasture/Lawn Maintenance

Kennel Duties

  • Kennel Cleaning
  • Dog Care - Feeding/Chores/Yard Supervision
  • Small Animals/Cats
  • Foster Care
  • Grooming

Office Duties

  • Receptionist
  • Application Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Record Keeping

Onsite Events

  • Annual Open House
  • Volunteer Picnics/Potlucks

Professional Services

  • Photography/Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • Landscaping

Ranch Programs

  • Orientation Tours
  • Group Visits
  • Birthday Parties
  • Summer Camp

Off Premise Volunteering

Volunteers fulfill a number of off premise positions that include transporting animals, attending community events and fundraisers, as well as offering professional services!

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Animal Transport

  • To/From Events
  • From Transfer partners


  • Adoption Days
  • Community Events and Pet Fairs
  • Dine & Donate Fundraising Nights
  • Promotions/ Marketing /Sponsor Solicitation /Advertising

Community Outreach

  • School Visits/Programs
  • Nursing Home visits with Animals

Public Speaking

  • Rotaries
  • 4-H Clubs
  • School Education Clubs

Professional Services

  • Lawyers
  • Veterinarians
  • Grant Writers
  • IT Services
  • Mechanics (to service vehicles and trailers)

Thrift Store

Thrift Store Volunteering

Volunteers are always accepted at our Thrift Store in Quakertown. Join a team of enthusiastic workers to help design displays at our beautiful store. The funds raised at the store directly help the animals of LCR!

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  • Organizing Donations
  • Pricing Items
  • Setting Up Displays

Junior Volunteering

Junior volunteers 12 years and up are accepted to volunteer with the small animals or barn. Junior volunteers must be 14 years or older to volunteer in the kennel. Volunteers 12-15 years old must have a parent or legal guardian volunteer with them. Volunteers 16 and older can volunteer without a parent or guardian, but a parent or legal guardian must sign and complete all volunteer paperwork and releases.




Last Chance Ranch has internship opportunities for High School Seniors and College Students who are looking to pursue a career involving animals. We work with your school to fulfill requirements needed to graduate.

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  • Experience Managing a Barn/Kennel
  • Administer Vaccinations/Medications
  • Drawing Blood
  • Restraining animals for medical evaluations
  • Riding, Training and Exercising Horses
  • Work with Abused and Neglected Animals
  • Experience a wide variety of different ailments and conditions afflicting animals arriving at LCR.
  • Learn the nutritional requirements of animals
  • Work with animal industry professionals: veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists, vet technicians.
  • Learn how to bathe/groom animals
  • Learn the importance of deworming and preventatives
  • Work with a large variety of animals!