Sheep on the run!

Animal shelters play a vital role in our communities and most of the work is done quietly and without fanfare.  Not only does LCR take in animals that need to be surrendered, but they also help reunite pets with their owners, even sheep!  Here is “Sellie’s” runaway rescue story!

The phone is ringing five minutes before close.  On the other end of the line is a police officer requesting “Three Farmers and a lasso.”  A sheep was on the run in Sellersville and the police needed assistance. Without hesitation, our LCR executive director and an intern hopped into a truck and headed out to help.  Luckily, the sheep was guided into a storage shed at the Sellersville Theater while they were on their way.  By the time the team got there, the female Jacob’s sheep dubbed “Sellie” was ready to hop on the trailer and head to the farm.  The team got her settled at LCR for the night and removed some twigs and debris from her wool.  In the morning, the concerned owner called LCR.  It turns out that “Sellie” was new to the farm and accidentally escaped.  She ended up traveling several miles through town until she was finally cornered!

Reunited!   Keep an eye out for more animal fun!


Posted:  September 1, 2020, by Jill Roggio

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