New Arrivals!

Covid has been affecting all of us in some way and sadly, some families have had to surrender their animals.  We recently had horses and barnyard animals arrive at LCR.

Duke – 12-year-old painted Draft Horse Gelding 

Holly 20 year-old Quarter Horse Mare

Peaches -10-year-old Haflinger Mare – Peaches had to spend some time at the New Bolton Veterinary Center since she was pregnant and lost her foal.


These three beautiful horses arrived from our rescue partner, Pennsylvania SPCA.  They are currently at their equine capacity due to several humane seizures and have seen an increase of horses this fall, most likely due to Covid 19 and the difficulties owners are having keeping their animals.  Luckily all of these horses are on the mend now and will be evaluated and placed available for adoption.  In addition, various barn animals have been surrendered during the past few weeks.




Three pot-belly pigs, two alpacas, one cow, two donkeys and a baby goat!   They came from five separate homes which were all impacted financially by Covid-19. We are also making arrangements to bring in a few more goats and sheep soon.

There are so many ways to save animals.  If you cannot adopt one, please go to our donate page where you can find ways to help.  Thank you!

Posted:  November 19, 2020, by Jill Roggio

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