Look At That Face (part 2)!

Considering a potbellied pig?  Here are some more pig points to sway you.

  • They love to be petted, especially on their bellies and many will happily cuddle with their owners.
  • They are very trainable.  They can learn to walk on a leash, sit and perform some tricks.  If you keep them inside, they can be trained to go in a litter box. Outside, they usually use the same bathroom spot.
  • Potbellied pig owners need to set rules and boundaries for an overall great relationship.  Consistently praise positive behaviors and redirect bad behaviors.  Patience and repetition (as with any pet) are the key to producing a well-mannered pig that has a great relationship with its family.
  • A potbellied pigs intelligence means it will be bored and potentially destructive when it doesn’t have enough social interaction and activities.   They also have an innate desire to root (use their snouts to search)!  They may knock over objects in your home or tear up your yard looking for food.  Hiding food in treat puzzles or outside where you don’t mind them rooting, will help satisfy this behavior.
  • Outside in the winter, they need adequate shelter and love to snuggle in blankets, rugs or straw.

Here are some of our potbellied stars with their new families!

Overall, potbellied pigs adore having a pig partner but they also enjoy other animals.  In fact, due to their social nature, keeping multiple pigs together is often better than having just one.

We leave you with one last thought…. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us.  Cats look down at us.  Pigs treat us as equals.”

We love our pigs and hope you will too!


Posted:  November 27, 2020, by Jill Roggio

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