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If you are a pet owner, you already know that animals manage to bring unconditional LOVE and JOY into our lives. From fish, to dogs to chickens to goats to horses; any kind of pet can create a bond and help you live a longer, happier and healthier life.  Recently, Covid 19 has changed our daily routine, forced us to isolate and has put an emotional strain on all of us.  It comes as no surprise that pet adoptions have increased during this pandemic!

Here are a few of the benefits we found of having a pet:

  • You are never lonely – they are always waiting for you to come home and are happy to listen to you talk about your day
  • They lower your stress levels and help you relax – simply stroking your pet can make your worries melt away
  • They keep you fit – most pets need exercise and they can be the best personal trainer you will ever have
  • They can help you make friends – everyone likes to meet and talk about your pet

Looking after a pet can be a big responsibility, but when you consider the benefits, companionship and emotional support they give to us, the hard work is well worth it.  Apparently, many people have realized this fact, as 514 animals were adopted at LCR during Covid!

Here is the adoption breakdown:

Dogs- 288
Cats- 50
Barnyard Birds- 78
Horses- 37
Goats- 6
Pigs- 14
Sheep- 5
Alpaca- 1
Guinea Pigs- 15
Hamsters- 10
Rats- 5
Ferrets- 2

Here are a few pets that have found homes during Covid!

Phoebe (pictured) and Dean, both white miniature horses found their new home together on April 16th. Dean came to LCR in 2017 and Phoebe came to LCR in 2019. Both were very skittish, possibly abused prior to their arrival at LCR and did not have an easy time trusting new people. They met in a foster home together and hit it off! Luckily, an adopter came along that wanted to keep them together.


Karen is a two year old Cairn Terrier mix that came to us through Animal Aid USA. We believe previous trauma left her unable to eliminate on her own. This special needs pooch was able to find an incredible adopter in June!



Four lucky geese were caught by LCR in a garage at the beginning of COVID. This gaggle of geese were wandering a neighborhood and causing mischief! Two LCR staff members were able to round them into a garage and safely apprehend everyone! All of the geese have since found forever homes!


Raising money to care for animals in need is a never-ending challenge.  Next Up:  Find out about fundraising at LCR this year!


Posted:  August 28, 2020,  by Jill Roggio

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