Fostering a Dog -A Continuation

“I let my heart break a little, so theirs will never break again.”

Our last blog introduced us to fostering a dog and how it is a win-win situation for shelters, dogs, and fosters.  Simply put, it is saving lives.  Fostering keeps animals out of shelters.  As wonderful as shelters are, they can be stressful for a dog from the lack of quiet, space and exercise.  There is nothing like the warmth and love of a home environment!   Dogs in foster care tend to be less anxious and more socialized.  Learn more from Katie Gallant who is happy to be a foster dog mom!

“I made the decision to foster after the loss of my childhood dog last November. I’m a veterinary student and don’t always have the time or finances to care for a dog properly but needed some canine love in my life.  I couldn’t have asked for a better foster experience. I picked up my foster puppies and immediately panicked that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I didn’t know how to care for puppies so young and wouldn’t be able to train them properly with my school schedule. But everything went smoothly, and they gave me just as much joy as I could hope.

Everyone in my life thought that I would foster fail, because I loved these puppies so dearly. Luckily, fate stepped in to teach me an important lesson about just how important fostering is. I posted pictures of the puppies on Facebook, and a friend reached out about adopting one puppy for him and his new wife and one for his father. After meeting the puppies, they were immediately in love, and their applications got gold stars. The puppies were getting a perfect home with great people, and they would see each other all the time. They also helped to heal a family who had just experienced a big loss.

A lot of people have asked how I can give up puppies that I love so much, but watching these puppies get the perfect forever home and bring such happiness to such great people was inspiring. Just because I haven’t known the adopters of my subsequent fosters as well, doesn’t mean that they’re not as deserving or don’t love the puppies just as much. I’m still in touch with all my adopters and each dog is loved so dearly.

Fostering is not only so beneficial for anyone who is not sure they are ready for a dog or unable to adopt for any reason, but so helpful to animals in need. Fostering takes dogs out of a stressful shelter situation and helps them learn love and life skills that will help them to succeed in their forever homes. I definitely recommend it to anyone with room in their heart and their home.”

Do you have room in your heart and your home to foster?  Please contact us at 215-538-2510.  Stay tuned for more fostering experiences in our next blog!

Posted:  September 28, 2021, by Jill Roggio

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