Fostering a Dog -A Continuation

“I let my heart break a little, so theirs will never break again.” Our last blog introduced us to fostering a dog and how it is a win-win situation for shelters, dogs, and fosters.  Simply put, it is saving lives.  Fostering keeps animals out of shelters.  As wonderful as shelters are, they can be stressful […]

Horses Rescued From Auction

Horse auctions are where people conduct the commercial trade in equines.  People sell or consign horses at auction for various reasons.  For some, the auction is an excellent place for buyer and seller to meet and arrive at fair market value for a horse.  Some auctions sell quality horses and can be a good outlet […]

Minions at Last Chance Ranch?!?!

We all know and love the “Minions”, those fictional characters that appear in the Despicable Me franchise, but did you know that Last Chance Ranch (LCR) has their own “Minions”? The fondly called “Minions” are teenagers that are current lesson students at LCR.  They came to Marie’s rescue one Saturday when she did not have […]

Happy Pet Friendly Holidays!

The holidays are going to look a lot different this year.  Just because this 2020 holiday season will be far from normal, many of us still want to make it meaningful with delicious traditional foods and decorations! As most pet lovers will agree, our furry family members are a part of every memory we make, […]

$21,268 Raised on Giving Tuesday!

We cannot thank you enough! We set a goal of $12,000 with the help of two matching donors, Rebecca Rynkiewicz and Von Thun Farm. We reached our goal by 4pm, looked up what we made in 2019 ($15,097) and increased our goal to $15,098! So many donations came in during the evening and our grand total at midnight […]

Look At That Face (part 2)!

Considering a potbellied pig?  Here are some more pig points to sway you. They love to be petted, especially on their bellies and many will happily cuddle with their owners. They are very trainable.  They can learn to walk on a leash, sit and perform some tricks.  If you keep them inside, they can be […]

New Arrivals!

Covid has been affecting all of us in some way and sadly, some families have had to surrender their animals.  We recently had horses and barnyard animals arrive at LCR. Duke – 12-year-old painted Draft Horse Gelding  Holly 20 year-old Quarter Horse Mare Peaches -10-year-old Haflinger Mare – Peaches had to spend some time at […]

Look At That Face!

Adopting any animal is a life time commitment and a potbellied pig is no different.  Here are some important PIG POINTS when considering them as a pet! They can grow to be 80-250 pounds and live 15-20 years!  They need adequate space to roam and root.  They love to walk around and explore, lay in […]

Barnyard birds Are A Blast!

Why do we like barnyard birds?  Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!  But barnyard birds also bring an element of fun to any farm, barnyard or back yard. They can be easy to care for and very entertaining.  They are very vocal, always enthusiastic to see you, and have the ability to put an instant smile […]

Sheep on the run!

Animal shelters play a vital role in our communities and most of the work is done quietly and without fanfare.  Not only does LCR take in animals that need to be surrendered, but they also help reunite pets with their owners, even sheep!  Here is “Sellie’s” runaway rescue story! The phone is ringing five minutes […]

LCR’s Lifeline

LCR is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization which means its lifeline is fundraising.  The Covid-19 pandemic hit all animal rescues hard, including LCR, and most fundraising events had to be canceled.  In addition, our thrift store also had to shut down from March 16th to June 5th which caused at least a $45,000 decrease in […]

Good News!

If you are a pet owner, you already know that animals manage to bring unconditional LOVE and JOY into our lives. From fish, to dogs to chickens to goats to horses; any kind of pet can create a bond and help you live a longer, happier and healthier life.  Recently, Covid 19 has changed our […]
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