Animal Adoption

All visits with our animals are by appointment, except for special adoption days. Please complete an application today so we can get you scheduled. Special adoption days will be posted on our website calendar of events.

Please fill out all requested info completely and truthfully. Contact your veterinarian and other references to let them know we will be calling. Ask them to respond promptly to our calls and messages. Many veterinarians require that you call them to release information to one of our representatives–by not calling your veterinarian upon submitting your application, a delay may be caused when processing it. If you cannot provide a vet reference, we require 3 personal unrelated references (i.e., boss, neighbor, coworker). Ask your references to respond promptly. The approval of your application is reliant on their response. Make sure your current pets are up to date on their vaccinations. Heartworm preventative is required for dogs. A Bordetella vaccine is recommended for your current dog as many of the dogs we get are exposed to kennel cough.

Understand we may get many inquiries on the same pet, and we will process applications in the order received. Everyone must follow adoption procedures: application, reference checks, visit, adoption. We will not adopt a pet to you without an application and reference checks. We cannot “hold” a pet for extended periods of time. If you are not ready for a pet for several weeks/months, please do not apply for a pet that is available now. We will not hold a pet for an appointment for more than 48 hours.

If you are an approved applicant and fall in love with one of our pets, you will be able to take the pet home the same day you come to visit, with the exception of horses. Please be prepared for your pet’s arrival at home.
Cash, checks or credit cards (MC, VISA and Discover) are acceptable payments for your adoption fee. All of our available cats and dogs are spayed or neutered before they leave our facility. If you own a pet that is not altered, we will NOT adopt to you until your current dog or cat has been spayed or neutered. Most importantly, research the breed of pet you are interested in to be sure that type of pet will fit in with your family’s lifestyle and needs

Cat Adoption Application

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Small Animal Adoption Application

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