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2012 Year in Review

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LCR Comes to the Rescue for Philly Abandoned Horses

Philly Police Officers Adopt New Horse

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LCR Partners with the Phila. Mounted Patrol

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Current Newsletter - September 2013


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ASPCA Grant Helps Provide Veterinary Care to Cruelty Case Horses

On October 18, 2013 Last Chance Ranch assisted the Washington Township Police Department with a cruelty case involving eight horses. The horses needed to be housed by Last Chance Ranch for Washington Township until the case went to court on December 23, 2013. During this time, they received veterinary care, labwork, farrier care, dental care, feed and water. Thanks to a grant from the ASPCA's Emergency Fund for $4,000.00 we were able to insure that they recieved the best of care until the future of the horses was determined by a judge. On December 23, 2013 the owners of the horses were charged with cruelty. The owners themselves did determine it was in the best interested of the horses to relinquish ownership of them to Last Chance Ranch. As of January 25, 2014 the horses are now available to find new homes. Please call our office to find out more information about adopting any of our horses. Thank you again to the ASPCA for providing us with this grant to help these horses.




ASPCA/Subaru Share the Love Event

Last Chance Ranch would like to extend a great big Thank You to the ASPCA. We received a grant from the ASPCA for $2,500 to fund an adoption event in conjunction with Subaru’s Share the Love event. We were originally scheduled to have a big adoption event at A&T Subaru in Sellersville on December 14, 2013. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans with a significant snow storm. This did work out very well for the animals because now we were able to have two adoption events. The first adoption event was held at Last Chance Ranch on December 21, 2013 with a vehicle from A&T Subaru. It was great day and we were able to find homes for 22 dogs, 2 kittens and a cockatiel. We will also be having another event on January 11, 2014 at A&T Subaru. Please check back to find out how many animals found homes on January 11!


Mounted Police Horses  As seen on

Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, Pennsylvania rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes approximately Darby and Ruben75 horses each year. Horses that find their way to our organization are vaccinated, wormed, get their teeth floated and feet trimmed. They are then evaluated and an assessment is made of what their training needs will be and job they will be best suited for when adopted. Three years ago our organization was approached by  Philadelphia’s Mounted Patrol Unit looking to add more horses to their mounted patrol program. Both of our organizations felt this would be a great way to get homes for some of our horses as well as help the community.


So what makes a good police horse? 

Size is important when it comes to police horses, they require a horse at least 16 hands tall at the withers and most departments prefer geldings to mares. Training is also very important. Not all horses have what it takes to stand still during fireworks or push their way through a crowd of people. Read more.....


What Farm Animals Make Good Pets?  As seen on  


Horses, goats, pigs and chickens, oh my! Many other animals besides dogs and cats find their way into shelters and rescues each year. Last Chance Ranch located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania accepts on average about 200 farm animals each year. They arrive into our care for reasons varying from severe neglect and cost of care, to local zoning ordinances not allowing these types of animals. Many farm animals are euthanized in county Animal Control Facilities and Shelters simply because they do not have adequate housing or staff trained to handle and care for animals other than dogs and cats.


We have depended on farm animals for centuries as a means for transportation, as a food source and even for companionship. While the city of Philadelphia does have ordinances prohibiting the housing of livestock in most of the city and other areas because they require at least 3 acres of land, the city does not view horses as livestock. While we do not recommend housing a horse in a warehouse or vacant lot, there are many boarding stables in and around the city with access to trails in several of the city’s parks. Philadelphia’s surrounding counties of Bucks, Delaware and Chester are more rural areas that still have a lot of farming and zoning for agriculture. We do still recommend that you check with your local town or township before you decide to adopt, but many do allow different types of livestock even on small lots of land.  Read more.....


2012 Year in Review


Another fabulous year came to an end at Last Chance Ranch. This year was so sucessful because of you and the many friends of Last Chance Ranch.


  • Adopted - 112 cats, 843 dogs, 71 horses along with many miscellaneous other animals
  • Philadelphia Mounted Patrol - added two new LCR horses for a total of seven
  • Trace Adkins and his Great American Hero Series features LCR
  • Participated in the ASPCA/Rachel Ray $100K Challenge
  • Won a 2012 Toyota Tundra Truck


We look forward to your continued support and hope to increase adoptions in 2013 and continue to support the neglected, abused, frightened and hurting animals.


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$100K Challenge


Last Chance Ranch thanks everyone who voted for us to become a part of ASPCA and Rachael Ray's $100,000 challenge. We were able to find homes for almost 300 dogs and cats during three months as well as many horses, goats, guinea pigs etc. While we did not meet the numbers we needed to win the challenge, we met a lot of wonderful new people who adopted and found many new ways to get the word out to adopt. As a result of being part of the Challenge we did recieve $2,000 in grant money from ASPCA from the photograph contest and for attending the SAWA conference in Florida. We also received $7,500.00 in grant money from the ASPCA to aid in the veterinary costs inccurred by the 15 horse humane seizure we had in June 2012. Please join us in thanking the ASPCA for their continued support and inovative ideas to help our organization grow.



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LCR Comes to the Rescue for Philly Abandoned Horses


Two horses were reportedly left tied to a fence in Philadelphia. The black and white horse is a mare about 5 years old. The chestnut is older, maybe about 25 years old. He is thinner then the mare. Both are very friendly and eager to eat. LCR needs to work them up slowly to eating grain to put weight on them without give them stomachaches. They will need their teeth and feet done in the next few weeks as well as vaccines, worming and possibly bloodwork. They will be placed up for adoption once they gain some weight and are healthy. They have been named Lucky and Rocky.


Read more about Lucky and Rocky in the news:


6 ABC Action News - Malnourished horses find new home

CBS Philly - Malnourised horses being nursed back to health at Bucks County Animal Rescue Ranch

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Examiner - Two malnourished horses tied to a fence and left abandoned in North Philadelphia.

WFMZ - Horses found wandering in Philadelphia now have temporary home in Quakertown


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Philly Police Officers Adopt New Horse


Officers Darby and Ruben came to LCR on Monday, June 11 to see if Domingo was fit to try out for the Philadelphia Mounted Patrol. Domingo passed the test and left on Thursday to give it a try.


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Expansion Program


We wish to thank everyone who has donated, adopted and volunteered to help Last Chance Ranch grow to what it is today. Our kennel has been completed, but our space is limited. We still need to grow in order to meet the demands of a growing population of homeless and neglected animals. Last Chance Ranch wishes to continue to grow to help save more animals and benefit the public.


In the future we hope to be able to build a covered training and riding arena in order to train horses and dogs all year round. This will also provide a learning center to the public providing training clinics for both dogs and horses in hopes of keeping more pets in their homes. We hope to add a surgical suite to bring veternarians to our facility for a more cost effective way to do spay and neuter surgeries, dentals, and other minor surgeries on our adoptable pets. Our expansion thoughts include some other more modern conveniences like a septic system so we will have indoor bathrooms for volunteers and visitors. We would also be able to have a washer and dryer to launder towels and bedding in house. Our efforts would also include securing more land to expand our rescue facility in order to help more animals.


Your donations and continued support will help achieve these goals for the future. If would like to help us continue to grow and help more animals, please contact us.


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LRC Partners with the Philadelphia. Mounted Patrol


Last Chance Ranch began as a non-profit horse rescue in 1998. Since that time we have grown and changed in many ways to help animals in need. We have found the best way to help more animals is to partner with other organizations to achieve a common goal. Last Chance Ranch wishes to develop a new program in an effort to save more horses from uncertain fates, as well as provide a service to the community.


Last Chance Ranch is proud to partner with Philadelphia’s Mounted Patrol to help save more horses and provide a service to the public. Our goal, with help of grants and donations from people like you, is to be able to provide the Philadelphia Mounted Patrol with horses to build their force up to as many as 30 horses. Some will be purchased from auction, some will come from humane seizures, others may have fallen victim to the economy. While not all the horses we have at the rescue would be able to work on the streets of Philadelphia, they can also benefit from this program. We would like to build this program to purchase training equipment and a covered arena so we can train horses all year round. Not only will this benefit the horses going to Philadelphia Mounted Patrol by desensitizing the horses to prepare them to serve the public, but we can also use this equipment to train other horses that make their way to our rescue. This will help them get into new homes faster. 



Last Chance Ranch will also be here when the horses we provide to the Philadelphia Mounted Patrol are no longer able to work on the streets. The horses will come back to us to be retired and adopted out to homes as trail horses and companions. Last Chance Ranch has already provided the Philadelphia Mounted Patrol with 3 horses. These horses were deemed unadoptable and unwanted, certain to go to slaughter. We saw potential in these horses and with some time and re-training, they are now able to work to protect the public. Please help us save more animals by donating to us.


Click here for more information regarding the Philadelphia Police Foundation


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